Netflix Phishing Scam

A new Internet scam has arrived, and this time it is attacking Netflix Inc. and its customers.  It is a type of scam that is referred to as a “phishing scam”, which is a scam that is designed to acquire personal details, such as passwords and credit card numbers.  This particular scam operates from a website that is designed to look like Netflix’s login page.

Once the victim is on this page it tells them that something is wrong with their Netflix account and advises them to call a customer service number.  When they call this fake customer service number, the scammers ask them to download “support software” for Netflix, which actually turns out to be remote login software that enables the scammers to have full access to your computer and everything on it.  From there, they look around for credit card information.  At the end of the phone conversation the scammers attempt to seek payment for their help.

            What makes this scam different is the fact that they are asking their victims to contact them.  Netflix has not yet responded to this crisis.  Here is a photo of what the website looks like: 

            Although the scam did not have anything to do with Netflix’s security or any failing on Netflix’s part, the company is still going to receive backlash and customers will be weary.  This week in class we talked about social media and crisis, and although this case doesn’t involve social media it does involve the use of Web 2.0 and shows how the Internet can affect and shape companies.

This is a case where it would not be in Netflix’s best interest to use social media or any kind of online platform to respond to this crisis.  I think that if they used social media their customers could end up doubting their authenticity.  The one thing that I think would help them overcome this crisis would be to add a page on their own website that includes warning and instructions about the scam.  They could add pictures to represent the risk and explain or show how customers can tell the difference between their website and the fake website.


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